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Lagoon Life Festival on DSTV
Written by Rob Meintjes   

Catch all the action from the Lagoon Life Festival on DSTV at the following times:

Mon 07/12/2009 19:30 SuperSport Six
Tue 08/12/2009 12:30 SuperSport One
Wed 09/12/2009 15:00 SuperSport CSN
Wed 09/12/2009 15:00 SuperSport One
Thu 10/12/2009 14:00 SuperSport One
Fri 11/12/2009 12:00 SuperSport Five
Sun 13/12/2009 20:30 SuperSport Six
Mon 14/12/2009 16:30 SuperSport One
Wed 16/12/2009 16:30 SuperSport CSN
Wed 16/12/2009 16:30 SuperSport One
Fri 18/12/2009 20:30 SuperSport Six
Sun 20/12/2009 12:30 SuperSport One
Mon 21/12/2009 16:30 SuperSport Five
Tue 22/12/2009 21:30 SuperSport Five
Thu 24/12/2009 11:30 SuperSport Six
Fri 25/12/2009 16:00 SuperSport CSN
Fri 25/12/2009 16:00 SuperSport One
Sat 26/12/2009 20:30 SuperSport Five
Sun 27/12/2009 11:30 SuperSport One
Tue 29/12/2009 14:00 SuperSport Six

Last Updated ( Thursday, 28 October 2010 )
Lagoon Life Festival - Langebaan 2009 - The Wrap!
Written by Rob Meintjes   


There are still a few Festival Shirts available at R100, pls e-mail us if you would like one.

The Lagoon Life Festival is over and what a weekend it was! Starting with the registration at Driftwoods on Friday evening and finishing with the spectacular Laguna Mall Kite Challenge on Sunday afternoon. The event was superbly attended, in all 488 entries across all the events, with 27 Guppie (kids) Paddlers, 160 Surfski Paddlers + 13 Stand-Up-Paddlers in Saturday's race, 24 Sailors, 90 Mountain Bikers, 60 Trail Runners, 64 Surfski Paddlers in Sunday's 30km race and 50 kitesurfers taking part.

Most results are up, some are still being processed and will be posted shortly along with photos of the various events. A lot of fun has been had, a lot of hard work has been put in and many a lesson has been learned - we'll take note of everything and use it to make next year's event bigger and better!

An award that needs to be noted is that of the "Lagoon Life Legend". This award goes to the person who performs best in the most events. Many people took part in 3 events, but only one did 4 (he had to fight off his brother and sister to win this, both did 3!). On Sat morning he teamed up with his sister to come 2nd in the short course doubles surfski race, Sat eve he won the short course MTB race (just beating his brother and his sister), Sun morning he came 4th in the 5km trail run (beating sis) and Sunday arvo he came 26th in the Kite Race (losing out to boet). The Ceruti's were responsible for 12 of the entries in the event and the "Lagoon Life Legend" is Anthony Ceruti!

There will be a 30 min television program, called SurfSki TV, covering the entire weekend, airing on SuperSport DSTV shortly, and as soon as the schedule has been announced we will put the details up on the website, so check back here in a few weeks to find out when it's being shown!

A massive thank you to all who were involved: sponsors, helpers, participants and spectators!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 October 2010 )
Topolino Beach Sports Day
Written by Kirsten Maltby   

Lagoon Life presented and managed Langebaan’s first ever inter-house schools beach sports day on Main Beach. The focus was on team work and the children participated in creatively devised traditional events, ensuring every child was given the opportunity to contribute. The day was tremendous fun and its success has ensured a regular place on Topolino School’s annual sporting calendar.

Last Updated ( Friday, 25 September 2009 )
West Coast Lagoon Festival Surfski Challange
Written by Rob Meintjes   

The inaugural West Coast Lagoon Festival Surfski Challange took place on Saturday 29 March 2009 at Hobie Beach, Club Mykonos, Langebaan.

Paddlers were greeted with a calm glassy sea with a small bit of surf to wake you up at the start.

For the race report click here.

2009 Results

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 23 September 2009 )
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